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    OBERMEYER works in numerous fields

    OBERMEYER’s scope of services embraces the complete project cycle: from initial inception through planning and procurement to implementation and start-up. Services commence with studies and master plans, continue through design and tendering and finish with construction supervision. In detail they cover urban planning including real estate consulting, architectural design including structural engineering, MEP design and building physics, traffic and infrastructure planning for roads, test tracks and railway lines including associated civil structures, environmental design including water and waste management, special plant engineering, sustainable and green building, landscape design, project management, quality assurance and control as well as advisory services.

    Consideration of China’s long urban history is crucial in order to connect tradition and modernity in the new developments and thus create new places with cultural identities. Responsibility for OBERMEYER also means to respect local cities, buildings and landscape, but also culture, social structures and individual identites.

    The fast pace of developments also creates new challenges and tasks, often together with a shift in priorities, especially regarding significant ecological requirements. The goal is to preserve nature, provide areas for recreation, save energy with green technologies, improve air quality, set up livable and social zones in the cities and design buildings to respect the needs of the individual inhabitants.

    • Architecture today has become a complex field. The house, the home, originating as a concept of shelter has turned into an elaborately designed, carefully organized and technically advanced object.

      OBERMEYER embraces the wide range of the architecture field with architects and engineers approaching the manifold of tasks and opportunities open minded, applying most creative and up-to-date innovative solutions. Integrated in urban structures a building has to shape the city and respect urban requirements. It needs to be unique and characteristic representing its function and owner in the same way. Modern buildings are optimized in the spatial organization for their needs. A residential building suits the habits of the owners; however a railway station building shall organize huge amounts of passengers. OBERMEYER aims to take the human being as the appropriate scale, even in large buildings.

      While the design should be recognizable, “form follows function” as the German architect Mies van der Rohe famously stated. That is to achieve a built environment, which is understandable and real. OBERMEYER strives for a design style beyond pure function but preserving a beauty out of reason that lasts also for the future.

      Buildings are always custom tailored systems. Although OBERMEYER provides modules of successful solutions, the organization needs to be adjusted to often new requirements. OBERMEYER discusses options and the impact on function, economic figures and future flexibility with the clients.

      With all specialized engineers OBERMEYER is a unique provider of the whole building. From aesthetic design to all-including engineering planning. A functional building is only the bottom line, OBERMEYER aims to optimize the building in space, in energy efficiency and in economic values. Green building has been established as a standard, low-energy or even zero-energy buildings are developed with our clients. OBERMEYER does life cycle analysis with its experts, offering green building standards as LEED or DGNB.

      The wide range of clients prove OBERMEYER’s success. Public sector, private investors, German industry clients, educational institutions, the health sector are only some of the clients which have entrusted OBERMEYER with large and complex projects.

    • Urban Planning is OBERMEYER’s core competence. It embraces a complex and holistic approach, an expertise that requires skills in design and in technical fields along with experiences in different countries and cultures.

      Urban settlements are the cradle of our modern civilization. Administrational, religious and economic institutions were developed here; intellectual exchange and political networks were established and events took place which forming the constitution of our modern society.

      In most countries the cities are the centres of economic turnovers and dynamics. Therefore the functionality and the attractiveness of the cities decide the economic success of an urban region.

      However cities are also an area of friction. Social differences express here and huge economic gaps and gentrification are impending problems. Shaping a city’s structure means setting the course for the future of a society.

      In Germany there is saying “Urban air will set one free”. It derives from the time when serfs went to cities to become free and were able earning their own salary. Cities in Germany are the locations of condensation of new ideas and are the centres of innovation today. China’s urban history is one of the richest worldwide. In 11th Century, the capital city Xi’an was the first city ever with a population of exceeding 1mio people. This rich and big-scale heritage makes China a leading country with new economic structures for cities, which Deng Xiaoping introduced. Only with reforms and smartly applied strategies the world’s biggest megacities in China could be still manageable and offer well-balanced conditions for its inhabitants and businesses.

      As modern cities occupy the given space above and below ground, the traffic solutions also become multi-layered, various transportation systems need to connect and function over a 24/365 timeline. To conquer and apply solutions for those complex challenges OBERMEYER provides a large team of designers and engineers, with worldwide experience the teams draw together vision and innovation. In all countries OBERMEYER applies their professional expertise and skills; it maintains a team with an established understanding of local needs and goals, as city planning always requires a custom tailored solution to achieve a perfect solution with unique character.

      City planning includes a large number of stakeholders. Therefore OBERMEYER always proposes a holistic project organisation, analyses the point of departure, communicates the interests, consults on solutions and provides visions and plans the implementation together with the clients, the municipalities and planning authorities.

    • Even before built structures, humankind was shaping nature, making the wild accessible and cultivatable. The urge to organize, to rebuild or to enjoy nature is an essential part of our cultural development and has always been close to our understanding of our values. French baroque parks with elaborate cut bushes and perfect flower beds or Chinese gardens focussing on a densified, elevated and idealized nature are reflections of intellectual theories and mirror the contemporary approach to the world.

      OBERMEYER understands landscape design as a place for activities and experiences. Not only to look at, but to dive into it. The outside area design is often the first articulation and representation of a part of a city or a building. Here the visitor gets an impression of the goals of a design approach. City parks, plazas or gardens should provide a wide range of opportunities. Social encounter, places to rest, sport, leisure activities, contemplation, cultivation of fruits, flower exhibitions are only a few implementable features.

      OBERMEYER’s designers give attention to the different visitor’s varying expectations and social aspects: the design shall include places for kids to play, for teenagers to skate, for young people to meet, for business men to contemplate and for old people to socialize and rest.

      The landscape design should surprise and provide an experience away from buildings and busy streets. A place to encounter nature, the origins of civilization.

      The demands of a higher populated world and dense city areas have risen new requirements for parks and green areas. OBERMEYER includes ecologic and sustainable principles in the landscape design. For this, the parks are considered to be part of the city’s network to play an important role to remedy problems.

      Rainwater cleaning and retention areas, noise reduction, heat island prevention as well as quality routes for slow traffic are an integral part of the OBERMEYER’s landscape design.

      A resilient approach, formal and functional suitable design, open and user-friendly solutions as well as detail quality, guarantee to meet requirements and changing demands continuously; in modern metropoles as well as in the countryside.

      OBERMEYER develops projects from the spirit of the location, with involvement of client, partners, engineers and associated planning groups.

    • The world is moving; it continually grows closer together. From the old trading routes to the modern hubs of mobility, traffic infrastructures have always been the arteries of modern society, progress and economic growth. Because of contemporary means of transportation, great distances are shrinking in human perception to brief periods of travel time. As result - to plan, build and organize mobility and modern traffic systems becomes more complex in the same way as the settlement structures becoming bigger and denser, the need for mobility rises and the desire for transportation is unbroken. Mobility concepts always had been a key emphasis of OBERMEYER. The company now has been active in mobility planning for over 50 years. The rich experiences of manifold projects in an international context and environment; and the continuity our clients working with OBERMEYER, proof the company’s capability and the trust of the clients.

      OBERMEYER performs the planning of mobility projects as an interdisciplinary task, with the aim to provide solutions which generate as less traffic as possible, but as much as required. A central element of OBERMEYER’s comprehensive view and understanding is to combine all different types of mobility into one functioning and efficient network. Basis of this understanding of mobility is the inseparability and interdependency of traffic planning and urban planning. OBERMEYER’s mobility concepts give pedestrians and walkability, bicycles and other types of slow traffic the same considerations and importance as transportation types like cars, busses or trains. The seamless transfer between all mobility types is the overall aim and their flexible, smooth and fluent integration the expression of a successful mobility concept.

      OBERMEYER provides with its competence as overall planner, the full range of planning and engineering services for mobility solutions. Among these are traffic management, simulations, the planning and design of roads and test tracks for the automotive industry, any kind of rail-bound systems and multifaceted complementary traffic structures and buildings. With the extended service scope of project management OBERMEYER also monitor complex planning and construction processes already in early stages of the planning.

      Project specific tailored, interdisciplinary teams which combine the competence and experience of many different specialists enable OBERMEYER to perform on high level and offer a cost and time efficient integrated planning process as one team throughout the entire project duration. OBERMEYER is supporting clients by an integrated planning process covering the complete design range including urban planning, high-speed track planning, structural engineering, underground track/tunnel engineering, civil engineering, associated building design and the supervision of those tasks including cost and quality assurance during construction phase. Not only as designers/planners OBERMEYER’s outstanding project records have proven the company’s capability in the field of mobility concepts.

    • Projects are becoming more and more complex, the demands made on owners with regard to the handling of projects increasing all the time. The legal requirements and economic basic conditions are subject to constant modification.

      As project managers we can take over the organization of your projects for you. We can ensure that the necessary planners and experts are involved, look after the cost and schedule planning and secure the quality of your product. And the employment of internet-based product management ?(IBPM) is now standard with us.

      As project managers in OBERMEYER, a holistic engineering consultancy, we enjoy a unique position among project managers in that we are in able to obtain loyal, fast and reliable answers from our own in-house experts in respect of all expert technical questions pertaining to a project.

    • As a multidisciplinary company, OBERMEYER China offers the key building engineering subjects of MEP design, BMS/BAS design and Structural design. Experienced engineers educated in Germany and China apply their international background to find the best solutions for the nominated goal.

      With a permanently developing technology, the importance of the field of building engineering increases year by year. Smart buildings, communicating appliances are just some examples of this modern direction. Buildings become more complex and international as well as local clients are integrating i.e. sophisticated Building Management Systems.

      The right tool to achieve an integrated planning is BIM (Building Information Modeling), which has been used by OBERRMEYER engineers for a long time. As a General Planner it is crucial to have all disciplines working well coordinated and integrated into one system. OBERMEYER is proud being named as one of Germany’s leading company implementing BIM into their design process at early stages.

      Those complex tasks require an integrative team of experienced OBERMEYER engineers and experts, integrating related disciplines into one interwoven solution.

      Supported by experts from the various German OBERMEYER offices, the offered service of Engineering is a well-integrated discipline in China.

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