OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed OBERMEYER Engineering Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en en Architecture/Engineering/China http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/sites/opc/themes/opc/feed.jpg OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en 144 26 PixelDrops.cn Thu, 28 Apr 2022 15:00:00 +0800 Wed, 15 Jun 2022 14:39:00 +0800 News article - OBERMEYER receives reward for Excellent Urban Planning Project http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-receives-reward-for-excellent-urban-planning-project <p>At the end of April, Guangdong Territorial Spatial Planning Association announced the recommendation list of Excellent Urban Planning Projects in Guangdong Province.</p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-receives-reward-for-excellent-urban-planning-project Thu, 28 Apr 2022 15:00:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - OBERMEYER consortium was shortlisted for Bus Terminal Hub in Nansha http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-consortium-was-shortlisted-for-bus-terminal-hub-in-nansha <p>OBERMEYER teamed up with THUPDI has successfully been shortlisted for the Competition of Bus Terminal Hub in Nansha, Guangzhou, based on the relevant project experience.</p> <p>The competition is organized by Construction and Transportation Bureau of Guangzhou Nansha Economic and Technological Development Zone and Guangzhou Nansha Technology Investment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Pearl River Engineering Construction Supervision Co., Ltd. is the organizing agent.</p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-consortium-was-shortlisted-for-bus-terminal-hub-in-nansha Thu, 17 Mar 2022 15:00:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - OBERMEYER consortium was shortlisted for Wuxi Urban Design Competition http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-consortium-was-shortlisted-for-wuxi-urban-design-competition <p>OBERMEYER<span lang="ZH-CN" style="font-family:"Microsoft YaHei",sans-serif" xml:lang="ZH-CN" xml:lang="ZH-CN">,</span>THUPDI and Deloitte consortium has successfully been shortlisted for the international solicitation of Lingshan Bay Innovation City Urban Design.</p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-consortium-was-shortlisted-for-wuxi-urban-design-competition Tue, 08 Mar 2022 10:58:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - SANY Science City Area Industry Planning and Urban Design by OBERMEYER http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/sany-science-city-area-industry-planning-and-urban-design-by-obermeyer <p><b><i><u>OBERMEYER tailored the Area Industrial Planning for SANY Science City to benefit from its well-integrated urban context whilst allowing to maximize its redevelopment potential. </u></i></b></p> <p>Changsha, a star city laying in central China, equips a competitive ability in science research and innovation field. The integrated development of Changsha is advancing now from the development of regional industries of "manufacturing synergy" towards a higher level of "technology and capital synergy".</p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/sany-science-city-area-industry-planning-and-urban-design-by-obermeyer Mon, 28 Feb 2022 10:42:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - OBERMEYER consortium won the Xiamen Wutong CBD Urban Plan http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-consortium-won-the-xiamen-wutong-cbd-urban-plan <p>After intensive jury evaluation, Xiamen Urban Planning Institute Committee announced the winner of? ‘Xiamen Wutong CBD Urban Plan International Competition’ to be the OBERMEYER and Cushman & Wakefield Consortium.</p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-consortium-won-the-xiamen-wutong-cbd-urban-plan Fri, 11 Feb 2022 10:23:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - OBERMEYER Consortium has been announced to be one of the WINNERS http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-consortium-has-been-announced-to-be-one-of-the-winners <p>OBERMEYER teamed up with Guangdong Architectural Design & Research Institute and Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Survey Research Institute joined the International Competition of Guangzhou Airport New Town Underground Space Planning and Design. The innovation and foresight embodied in the concept won the votes of Juries and the consortium thus was selected to be one of the most excellent design teams.</p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-consortium-has-been-announced-to-be-one-of-the-winners Tue, 11 Jan 2022 12:00:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - OBERMEYER Getting closer to the Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou office is launching http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-getting-closer-to-the-greater-bay-area-guangzhou-office-is-launching <p>In 2006, OBERMEYER embarked on Guangzhou with the pioneering Zhujiang New Town project – a milestone of unique CBDs in China.</p> <p>Having successfully delivered over 50 projects in the Greater Bay Area ever since, we will move closer to our friends, both old and new, by opening the new branch office in Guangzhou.</p> <p>Looking back with pride, we stay true to the excellence, and we are ready for the next challenge. Looking forward achieving with you.</p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-getting-closer-to-the-greater-bay-area-guangzhou-office-is-launching Wed, 17 Nov 2021 10:17:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - OBERMEYER gets shortlisted in Hangzhou TOD - Westlake University Metro Station UD competition http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-gets-shortlisted-in-hangzhou-tod-westlake-university-metro-station-ud-competition <p style="text-align:justify"><span style="text-justify:inter-ideograph"><span style="line-height:150%">OBERMEYER is honored to have been shortlisted in the international competition of Hangzhou Urban Rail TOD Comprehensive Development Urban Design – <b>Westlake University Metro Station</b> <b>project</b>, of concerted efforts together with UAD. Stay tuned for the upcoming urban design phase.</span></span></p> <p style="text-align:justify">?</p> <p style="text-align:justify">Project Background</p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-gets-shortlisted-in-hangzhou-tod-westlake-university-metro-station-ud-competition Tue, 03 Aug 2021 10:36:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - Home of Enterprises inaugurated at Wuhan Sino-German Industrial Park http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/home-of-enterprises-inaugurated-at-wuhan-sino-german-industrial-park <p style="text-align:justify"><span style="text-justify:inter-ideograph"><span style="line-height:150%">While exploring Wuhan with over 50 AHK delegates in its serial event of “Xplore China” last week, OBERMEYER unveiled its latest addition “Home of Enterprises” at Wuhan Sino-German Industrial Park in Caidian District as a multi-functional connecting hub for German businesses in Wuhan and will continue to foster top-notch international exchanges.</span></span></p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/home-of-enterprises-inaugurated-at-wuhan-sino-german-industrial-park Fri, 16 Jul 2021 13:45:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed News article - OBERMEYER PLANS SANY SCIENCE CITY IN CHANGSHA http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-plans-sany-science-city-in-changsha <p><span style="text-justify:inter-ideograph"><span style="line-height:150%"><b><span style="color:#252525">OBERMEYER is honored to be invited in the international competition for industry planning and urban design of SANY Science City in Changsha, Hunan province.</span></b></span></span></p> http://www.lasertagchampionship.com/en/news/obermeyer-plans-sany-science-city-in-changsha Mon, 12 Jul 2021 12:53:00 +0800 OBERMEYER (China) News & Projects feed 午夜精品福利视频_国产在线码观看清码视频_无码加勒比合集下载_成人免费国产看片
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