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    OBERMEYER consortium won the Xiamen Wutong CBD Urban Plan

    OBERMEYER consortium won the Xiamen Wutong CBD Urban Plan International Competition

    After intensive jury evaluation, Xiamen Urban Planning Institute Committee announced the winner of? ‘Xiamen Wutong CBD Urban Plan International Competition’ to be the OBERMEYER and Cushman & Wakefield Consortium.

    The Wutong High-end CBD area is the last piece of land under development with an area size of 4 square km; it is only 10 km away from the railway station and 14 km away from the future Xiang’an Airport. Wutong emerges from this strategic location and takes the chance of facilitating Xiamen’s future excellence. Wutong is of vital importance to play the role of ‘Gate of Xiamen’ according to Chairman Xi.?

    With a highly creative and yet efficient spatial layout, OBERMEYER designates Wutong as a comprehensive Cross-Strait regional finance center and regional bond through the spatial structure of ‘Two axes, One circle, A core and Two belts’. This urban fabric makes Wutong a window to the international sphere in Haixi.???

    Five Strategies that compound an advent

    By carefully analyzing the challenges that Xiamen is facing, OBERMEYER proposed five integrated planning strategies that solves the issues of functional positioning, industry scheduling and spatial fabric.

    Sustainable System

    A Park Oriented Development principle creates a unified circular frame for city and the sea.

    Address Industries – Win the Future

    The cross-strait activity zone focuses on the financial industry to realize a people-oriented and innovative high-end business district that also serves as a Xiamen city living room.

    Compounding New Vitality

    By deploying the TOD-HUB a high standard financial industry system and a benchmark of regional financial business center collects the necessary development energy.

    Low Carbon Transportation

    With the central hub and the southern center to form a highly integrated slow traffic network that supports low carbon transportation goals.

    Rich Cultural Charm

    Inheriting from the rich history whilst keeping the diverse styles, a dialogue between tradition and modernity finds an inspiring stage.


    OBERMEYER Consortium has carefully crafted an ecological&creative multifunctional “Central Green Wave Park”. The park provides a multi-dimensional experience and forms a ‘Valley’ landscape heading towards a friendly yet dynamic seafront. Connecting the featured ‘Cuo’ space of the sunken architecture spaces, the park embeds beautifully a great TOD transportation hub.?

    OBERMEYER extends the texture of Fengtou Village from the close-by peninsula into the new urban fabric and provides a joyful seaside that discovers itself in a genuinely style of Xiamen.

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